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The Dragon of Cheesewheel


Children's Book


Dragons love treasure. Things like gold, silver, & diamonds. Not this dragon! What he loves is cheese.

Two children accidentally discover the hoard of this cheese dragon. He invites them in to hear a story about thieves. Cheese thieves. Dragons do not like it when people touch their stuff. He is no different. With his prized cheese wheels missing, he makes the dangerous journey to win them back.

Dragons, adventure, lighthearted fun, and lots of cheese.

This story started as M. E. Farrar and her brother Keith sitting together reading poems on vacation. While they read, they were eating tiny cheese wheels. He decided to narrate the poems as if he was a dragon that loved cheese wheels. Later, M. E. Farrar took the idea and wrote this story.

When they got home, M. E. Farrar showed her idea to her sister, Alexandria Farrar. She liked the idea, and they decided to work together to make a book. Alexandria illustrated, and M. E. wrote.

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